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Although al-Ghazali’s Book of Knowledge was directed at a community of theologians, jurisprudents, and scholars, Fons Vitae found his insightful counsels could be usefully adapted for all ages.

The stories in this series are written for older children, but our intention is that parents and teachers read each one and then convey the ideas in such a way that it is clear to a child yet unable to read. Examples of how to do this are to be found on the accompanying instructional DVD. Many exercises in the workbooks are designed for small children with guidance from their family. The workbooks also contain material for older children, as well as activities and a curriculum to help reinforce Imam al-Ghazali’s teachings in a practical way.

Please frequent our interactive website:, where children may meet their global brothers and sisters and work together to create a better world. Essay and art competitions will be announced and submissions displayed. A section for parents and teachers invites contributions for further activities and reflections. Useful curriculum updates will regularly be provided. The Series’ books can also be downloaded on this new website where a variety of other resources may be enjoyed as well.


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