Al Qirat Al Ashr Ten Reading- Othmani Script

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In IslamQira'at (lit. recitations, readings) refers to the method of recitation of the Quran. Traditionally, there are ten recognised schools of qira'at, and each one derives its name from a famous reader of Quran recitation. Each Qira'at is then transmitted via a riwaya (transmission) named after its primary narrator. Each riwaya a corpus of recitation containing the whole of the Qur'an as recited by a master in all the variants which are transmitted from him. The forms of each recitation are referred to by the notable students of the master who recited them. So we will find the turuq(transmission lines) of so-and-so, the student of the master. Then under the Turuq, there are also the wujuh. We find the wajh of so-and-so from the tariq of so-and-so. There are about twenty riwayat and eighty turuq.[1]

Recitation should be done according to rules of pronunciationintonation, and caesuras established by the Islamic prophet Muhammad, though first recorded in the eighth century CE. The most popular reading is that of Hafs on the authority of `Asim. Similarly, each melodic passage centers on a single tone level, but the melodic contour and melodic passages are largely shaped by the reading rules, creating passages of different lengths whose temporal expansion is defined through caesuras. Skilled readers may read professionally for mosques in cities. By Dr. Sheikh Ahmed Esa, Al Azhar.


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