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Bidaya Description:
A book designed to teach all students how to read the book of Allah correctly, regardless of age, educational level, or status as an Arabic or non-Arabic speaker.

The Need for Bidaya:
Our new generations need a curriculum for teaching the book of Allah (swt) that:

  • Has state-of-the-art audiovisual and sensory learning tools,
  • Is fun for students to learn,
  • Is easy for teachers to teach,
  • And works for all ages.

And from these needs, Bidaya has emerged!
Acknowledgments and Praise for Bidaya:
Bidaya has received praise from major Islamic institutions and well-known Muslim scholars from across the Arab and Muslim world, including: MAS (Muslim American Society), the Conservation of the Holy Qur'an Society in Jordan, Shaykh Kurayyim Raajih (Chief Reciter of the Levant), Shaykh Yahya Al-Ghawthani (internationally-renowned Quranic scholar and instructor at Al-Masjid An-Nabawi in Medinah), Shaykh Waleed Almeneesey (Chief Reciter of USA), Shaykh Mahmud Akkawi (Chief Reciter of Lebanon), Shaykh Hassan Saleh (Shaykh Alqira’at of USA ), and more.

Targeted Group:
All ages (4-60+), educational levels, and backgrounds—regardless of whether they are Arabic speakers or non-Arabic speakers.


  1. Addresses the problem of memorizing the Quran by only hearing it, and teaches accurate reading as the basis for strong memorization and proficiency.
  2. Provides a method of reading the Quran in an innovative way, accessible to all ages and backgrounds.
  3. Teaches the skill of writing the Quranic script.
  4. Protects the tongue from errors in pronouncing the letters and words of the book of Allah (swt).
  5. Establishes a system that gradually teaches students correct pronunciation (tajweed) from the beginning of their Arabic learning journey.
  6. Addresses the problem of non-Arabic speakers pronouncing the Quran using non-Arabic letters.
  7. Teaches reading the Quran correctly in a fast and methodical way.

What makes this book special?

  1. It took ten years to write and test Bidaya at many Islamic schools and Quran classes.
  2. More than 3000 students of different ages have memorized the Quran and become teachers and Imams with the help of Bidaya.
  3. The book can be taught in 20-25 hours.
  4. Bidaya is appropriate for students of all levels, ages, and backgrounds, including new Muslims.
  5. Bidaya is an easy book to learn and teach. It is specially designed to encourage interaction between teachers and students.
  6. Bidaya includes tools especially for the teacher, such as the Bidaya Teacher’s Guide, to help make explaining lessons easier.
  7. Bidaya also includes tools for students to make learning easier such as: Bidaya Workbook, Bidaya Posters, Bidaya website, Bidaya App, Bidaya CD, and more.
  8. Bidaya has its own methodology and is divided according to the lessons: educational, evaluative, and explanatory.


  1. The Alphabet and Its Forms
  2. The Alphabet with the 3 Short Vowels
  3. The Alphabet with Tanween
  4. The Alphabet with Sukoon
  5. The Alphabet with Long Vowel Marks
  6. Complementary Lessons
  7. Final Test
  8. Important Tajweed Rules

Recommended Number of Study Hours to Complete Bidaya:
The number of hours needed to complete the book is 20-25 hours, depending on how many hours the student is available.
Varies according to the number of hours and days spent studying.
Varies according to age and educational level.
Varies according to students’ comprehension.
Varies according to the method of teaching (groups or individuals).


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  • Author: Shekh Ahmad AlSheikhi
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