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Presenting Firdaus & Friends - A brand new Muslim children's science series. Join Firdaus on a fun-filled science adventure!
Firdaus goes to Medina Academy and she loves science class. Her teacher, Mrs. Ahmed, makes science exciting and easy to understand with diagrams, class experiments, activities, and fun facts. One night, Firdaus meets Rubbab and Wahhab, two blood cells, and joins them on a journey into the human body. During her many adventures, Firdaus meets new friends, travels through different organs in the body, and most importantly, learns what it means to have a good heart.

* Adorable and diverse Muslim characters
* Background story that emphasizes kindness, charity, and Islamic values
* Experiments and activities to engage your child
* Bright and fun illustrations
* Heart anatomy made easy for young readers
* Great homeschooling resource
* Recommended for 4th grade and above

About the Author: Sara Kulsum Alavi is a medical doctor with a love for creative writing. She graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and did her residency training at Yale University. She wrote a monthly science article for Discover Magazine for Kids and is excited to present the Firdaus & Friends series to young readers interested in science and biology.


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