I Love and Learn the Arabic Language Textbook 5 أحبّ العربية وأتعلّمها ٤

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This series provides a new, integrated approach to teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers and is the first European curriculum to equip students with the skills needed to start speaking Arabic almost immediately. 
The curriculum uses guide-art methods and techniques recommended by experts in foreign-language instruction and take into account the unique nature of the Arabic language and its distinct characteristics. 

Student Text
The student text is the first step of I Love Arabic Series (from 10 years old) and is supported by a comprehensive workbook, handwriting book, and teacher case. The text is comprised of 7 units discussing critical issues of a child's world. 

Each unit is divided accordingly: 
- Let's Talk: Simple passages are the base for learning linguistic structures of sounds, vocabularies, expressions, and syntax structures. This section aims at facilitating the learning and teaching processes of Arabic. 
- Vocabulary: Vocabulary words are taken directly from reading dialogue. They are combined with graphics to further student understanding and sensory perception. 
- New Structures: Learn basic Arabic structures through illustrations and examples complete with answer key. 
- Conversation: Conversational exercises encourage students to participate in classroom activities, apply reading material within dialogue, and ultimately become fluent speakers. 
- Reading: Reading passages include various cultural subjects with a variety of expressions concentrating on Arabic and Islamic cultures. 

Section reading goals include: 
- Silent sustained reading with complete understanding of content. 
- Students read the passages aloud, so teachers can correct pronunciation. 
- Sounds: Students repeat sounds after listening to unit examples. 
- Oral Expression: Each unit includes an assignment to answer questions based on illustrations.


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