I Love Islam Level 5 Textbook

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"I love Islam" is a series of Islamic studies textbooks and workbooks that gradually introduces the Muslim student to the essentials of his faith, and bring to light the historic and cultural aspects of Islam. The series cover grades one through five, and include a student textbook and workbook as well as a teacher's edition. This Teacher/Parent Guide is intended to assist teachers and parents throughout the teaching process. Extensive efforts have been made to review the enclosed material


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  • Width: 8.5 in
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  • Authors: Nabil Sadoun, Aimen Ansari, Majida Yousef, Susan Douglass, Freda Shamma, Isam Alimam, Suzy Fouad, Bushra Zawi, Menat Zihni, Ummukulthum al-Maawiy, Mohammed Asad
  • Media Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 323
  • ISBN: 9781933301242

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