Ibn Battuta: Story of a World Traveler (Pioneer Series) Paperback

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Ibn Battuta was a great world traveler. During the 14th century, he traveled to over 40 modern day countries experiencing endless adventures, learning about new cultures, traditions, animals and plants. He logged his travels in his famous book 'The Rihla'. Pioneer Series presents an illustrative book for early elementary school aged children introducing them to this great adventurer from the Golden Age. The paperback version of the book includes activities such as coloring sheets, maze, and word search. About The PIONEER SERIES: Nurturing courage, confidence and love of knowledge in young minds through stories on great individuals and leaders that transformed the world through their wisdom, inventions, discoveries and exploration.


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  • Width: 8 in
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  • Height: 10 in
  • Pages: 26
  • Author: Rafia Rehman (Author), Dr Abdul Rehman (Author), Umair Zia (Author), Muhammad Yousaf Rana (Illustrator)

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