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Itqan Series for Teaching Arabic Kindergarten Level KG1 Second: The Exercises and Activities Book - The book has 78 (21*28) pages with four colors - The book consists of eight units, and each unit contains three lessons, which are the same units and lessons presented in the “Student Book.” No new unit or lessons are included. Each unit from the Student Book is matched with the appropriate unit (that has the same title), and each lesson is matched with the appropriate lesson (that has the same title). However, the book does have more activities to help understand the lessons from the Student Book better. - Each lesson includes four to six activities that help to consolidate the meanings and skills that children learn from the Student Book, such as: o Observe the picture o Link and distinguish o Count and color o Complete the drawing o Color the correct behavior o Read and color o Compose and read o Circle the word o Name the picture o Express the picture with the right word


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