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Arabic Without Tears is a colourful new series designed to teach Arabic in a lively interactive manner to younger learners. It is intended for use by parents or teachers working closely with their children or pupils. This second volume builds upon the letter recognition skills taught in the first book of the series by introducing the child to the joined forms of the letters of the Arabic alphabet, together with the various vowel signs, in a gradual assimilative manner. The book follows a key words approach, whereby the child is progressively introduced to a range of basic Arabic vocabulary. There is a thorough analysis of the phonic components making up each word, opportunity for copying and writing practice, as well as the chance to use each new word in a variety of meaningful contexts through a range of activities. Mini flashcards at the end of the book are provided to help test the childs recognition and understanding of the key words.


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  • Author: Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye
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  • Pages: 68

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