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The beliefs section focuses on the wisdom behind the creation of humankind and jinn. The five pillars are included in this section and presented along with related proof from the Qur'an and the Sunnah. Learners are required to recite the entire 29th Juzu' and memorize Soorat Al-Mursalaat and Soorat Al-Insaan. The biography of the Prophet (s) focusing on the events leading up to the Hijrah constitutes the Seerah section. The biography of Abu-Bakr (ra) is discussed in this section as well. Salah and its prerequisites, pillars, obligatory acts, and all other relevant aspects represent the learning content for the Religious Observances learning area. The Morals and Manners section deals with the remembrances said when entering and leaving the masjid as well as those uttered after Salah.


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  • Author: Dr. Qadir Sabur, Paul Addae, Ashraf Ajam, Abdel-Salam Al-Drouby, Talib Baker, Moegamat Feltman, Saleem Hassan, Abdullah Jeena, Muhammad Samodien, Abdullah Al-Badri
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