IQRA' Arabic Reader Textbook 5

IQRA' International Educational Foundation

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IQRA Arabic Reader 5 Textbook Author: Fadel Ibrahim Abdallah This is the 5th level Textbook within IQRA Arabic Readers series. Suitable for lower senior level students of Arabic, it takes the learners to yet a higher level of language learning. Consisting of 15 units, each unit starts with a basic text for reading and comprehension, followed by a section for vocabulary and linguistic structures, then there is a section for theoretical grammar, followed by a section for drilling, and ending with reference lists, verb conjugation charts, examples of Arabic proverbs; examples from the Quran for linguistic study and analysis. Product Details: Reading level: Junior Level Publisher: IQRA International Educational Foundation Edition: Paperback 314 pages Language: Arabic / English


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  • Author: Fadel Ibrahim Abdallah
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