Islamic Knowledge Series - The Science of Hadeeth: Level 15 (Out of Stock)

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he book illustrates the efforts devoted to serving the prophetic Hadeeth since the age of prophecy until today. It also discusses the sciences that have emerged from it such as the science of the prophetic Hadeeth. The book contains a definition of the most famous book of the Hadeeth, as well as shows how the writers and the content have served the honorable Sunna in training students on how to use them and the computer encyclopedia. This complete Islamic learning series of specialized subjects is directed to children 6 to 16 years of age. It uses a methodical style in presenting and connecting the subject’s information, and includes all Islamic teachings from the Prophets biography, stories from the Quran, and stories of the companions and followers. In addition to learning the Quran and Al Hadeeth Al Nabawi Al Shareef doctrine, each book contains twenty different titles written by the top scientists and educational experts in the various Islamic learning fields. The learning materials included in each book are reinforced by attractive colors and expressive drawings, designed to excite the reader and hold their attention. Each lesson also ends with a number of activities and different questions. This series can be taught in the private schools of Islamic communities, in summer clubs, and in centers for memorizing the Holy Quran.


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