Islamic Studies Student Workbook: Level 3

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The lessons in the Islamic Studies Level 3 textbook from Weekend Learning gradually begin to spark inquisitiveness of students. For example, what does Allah do, why we do salah, how Rasulullah (S) treated others and so forth. Students will learn different names of Allah, understand mercy of Allah, learn additional names of the Qur’an, and the types of salah. The concept of 5-pillars of Islam is reintroduced with additional emphasis. In addition to learning short history of some of the prophets, students will also learn an outline of the Makkah and Madinah periods of Rasulullah’s (S) life. Several lessons discuss importance of good deeds, forgiveness, cleanliness, perseverance and other Islamic values and morals.

Attention span of children in this age group is small; therefore, Islamic Studies Level 3 textbook contains short paragraphs to introduce two or three concepts. This is followed by in-class review section to allow for short break and reinforce learning.

Some homework is included in the book, however schools and parents are encouraged to buy a separate workbook that has many more test questions and chapter-based activities.

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