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This outstanding textbook is designed to meet the Islamic education needs of elementary school age Muslims. Topics presented include: proof of Allah in the universe, where life came from, a detailed explanation of the five pillars of Islam, Muslims throughout the world, the common message of the Prophets and the life of Prophet Muhammad (S) including revelation and hijra, battles and his personality. What distinguishes the book from other texts is its emphasis on reason and example to explain Islamic rules. The language used is easy to understand and enjoyable. The textbook uses stories, quiz questions, case studies, maps and graphics to keep the readers interest.. Rather than simply stating that Eid is celebrated worldwide, for example, the book introduces a Polish Muslim girl named Nadia who teaches the reader about Eid as well as Islamic history. Skill builders are also features for subjects such as understanding Quranic meanings, the Islamic calendar and learning where Muslims live Learning objectives and vocabulary words are also presented for each lesson. Finally, the book contains refreshing lessons on Islamic art and poetry. Written by the same author as What Islam is All About, its style and approach is similar though intended for a younger audience.Grades 3-6.

Each unit has review exercises as well as a literary selection or story to exemplify the concepts learned in that unit.


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