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Learning Islam is a series of graded textbooks conveying the teachings of Islam based on a syllabus developed by Moulana Ali Adam Nadawi. The focus is on the youth from age six upwards, with each book corresponding to a School Grade. These textbooks are suitable for the Islamic School, Madrassah and even for home use. The textbook are not for self-teaching but should be used with supervision and input from a teacher or parent. The teacher and or parent should guide the learner through the textbook and be prepared to explain certain topics and also evaluate progress. This is but a humble effort to aid the teaching of this beautiful Deen of Islam. We hope and pray that the objectives of this series of books will be achieved InshaAllah. The ultimate textbook for Mankind is the Holy Quran and the ultimate workbook is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad.


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  • Author: Moulana Ali Adam Nadawi
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