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Many years have passed and our children in kindergarten spend their time in playing and learning to share, asking for permission and work with groups, but they have missed a chance to study a serial curriculum to Arabic language that combines fun, entertainment and benefit, and makes our children resemble the first generation who established Muslim's civilization on their hands, a time when they started learning reading and writing at the age of four.
My Fun Letters book is not the first attempt in composing material for kindergarten. A lot of writers tried before us and the market is filled with books which teach children letters and some words. Also, a lot of them had successful attempts in writing special systematic books, but our book My Fun Letters is distinctive with:

  1. Combining language and pleasure, science, entertainment, religion and ethics, because the child doesn't learn letters only, but also hears a story, looks at the pictures, memorizes the name of the animals and does a scientific experiment that he draws and amuses himself.
  2. Big pictures and large fonts suit young children who haven't reached the age of five. These words and pictures were carefully chosen to fit the prescribed age.
  3. Relating the child with the Arabic environment through teaching him words such as: dates, mountains, wool, lizard, gerbil, and scorpions.
  4. Helping the child to comprehend 9 stories mentioned in the Qur'an and sunnah so he can see the attractive pictures and colors them in order to understand the story better.
  5. The modern style in writing that turns learning into pleasure and amusement instead of the old style of indoctrinate and memorization.

The Method of Writing
The child in this age is ready to receive simple, fun, exciting information that satisfies his imagination and playing, and so:

  1. We chose words that start with the conquest and are easily explained through clear pictures.
  2. We relate each letter with a name of an animal, a plant or an object so the child would look at the pictures, enjoy knowing the details and at the same time, learn the letter and memorize the word – without knowing how to write it - because the purpose of this book My Fun Letters is: the child will know the alphabet, to enrich his Arabic language with 120 basic words addressed by the book, and to make him love the Arabic language.
  3. We use a number of letters to point to some of pillars of Islam (Arkaan Al-Islaam) and some places: س (saa): Salah + Syam 
    ر (raa): Ramadan 
    Ù… (meem): Makkah, masjid, & Muhammad (s) 
    غ (gha): Ghaar Hira’ + Ghaar Thawr 
    ج (Jeem): Jabal ‘Arafa
    ز (Zain): Zakaat
    Ùƒ (Kaf): Ka’bah
  4. We chose some stories of the prophets, the prophets' wives, and some stories from Prophet Muhammad's (s) biography, like:
    هـ (haa): Haajar, the wife of Prophet Ibraheem (pbuh).
    ÙŠ (Yaa): Prophet Yoonis (pbuh) and Yaqteen the pumpkin.
    Ø­ (haa): Hayya, the snake of Prophet Moosa (pbuh).
    Ù… (meem): Mawlid - the birth of Prophet Muhammad (s).
  5. We joined teaching the Arabic language with exciting activities by inserting works of art, drawing and coloring. For example:
    a. Making a crown out of paper when studying the letter ت (taa).
    b. Making a snake out of clay when studying the letter Ø­ (haa).
    c. Making a house out of rock when studying the letter ص (saa)
    d. Planting barley when studying the letter Ø´ (sheen).

In This Book:
After we taught Fun Reading to children at the age of four, and the outcome was great and encouraging, and so we transferred this idea into a curricular scholastic idea taught in schools in cooperation with a special education company, and a teacher's edition was prepared for the teacher so he can be a guiding light for other teachers.
We ask Allah (swt) His acceptance and that this book would be a new door for a new era to kindergarten.

The Goals of This Book

  1. Place a special curriculum for first graders and kindergarten.
  2. Teaching reading and writing principles on a solid foundation.
  3. Raising children on the love of their beautiful language.
  4. Achieving a special addition to the Arabic library in the field of teaching the Arabic language.

New in this Book:

  1. Reasonable progression in teaching Arabic language principles.
  2. Presenting the curriculum in a modern style that makes the child draw, color, and does things with his hands.
  3. Amusement and entertainment through connecting letters to pictures, art works and stories.
  4. Plant the correct concepts through showing some stories from the Qur'an and Prophet Muhammad's (s) biography.
  5. Dealing with the words as a building and the child as a builder.

Our ambition:
To build a full curriculum to teach reading and writing to all grade levels, and this book My Fun Letters be the basic brick in this curriculum.


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