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This curriculum book includes these stories:

  • “The Story of the Ant” teaches children the love of their country,
  • “The Man's Story with the Dog” teaches children mercy and easiness with animals
  • “The Story of Imam Al-Shafi'y and Imam Al-Bukhari” teaches children the love of science
  • “The Story of Aasia, Pharaoh’s Wife” teaches children power and mercy
  • “The Story of the Ship” teaches children the history of Muslims in Andalus

And so each story has a goal and meaning, not to mention that these stories teach children part of the history and civilization of Muslims.
This book is for every child who is six or seven years old so that reading becomes part of his daily life. 

What is special about this book?

  1. Gradual practice on the child's reading skill
  2. Using colors and beautiful pictures in composing stories
  3. Enriches the child's culture when reading the stories of the book
  4. Clear formation and large handwriting that helps the child to understand the story
  5. Engage the skills of the Arabic language with the fun stories

The stories contributes in cultivating the child's personality, in creating fertile imagination and enriches his lingual outcome.
Foreign institutions have begun composing stories for infants who are six months old. They used to print these stories on non-paper and non-melting material in the infant's mouth. And so children of the West got used to it and thus love reading and writing throughout their life, but in our Arab world, the child can't read until he is ten years old and has acquired the Arabic language skills. Therefore, composing My Fun Reading book was not a simple thing because it addresses the child who is still learning simple words and doesn't have a big vocabulary that helps him to understand the story, so we made sure to choose words that the child can read, and used clear beautiful pictures to explain what we couldn't write. 

We put My Fun Reading book in your hands after the effort of many years in writing the story in addition to drawing, forming, simplifying, reviewing, directing and editing. 
We picked eleven stories that suit children in this little age and concluded the book with a beautiful play and artwork the child can do with his teacher.

This series consists of 4 levels containing 2 parts each, with a student and teacher book, as well as two supplemental books.


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