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Sam The Junior Herbalist is a groundbreaking book about an amazing ten-year-old boy who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Sam is an urban herbalist and environmentalist. He is passionate about plant conservation and helping his community. In each book, children learn about different plants, interesting herbs, and even how to prepare the same herbal remedy Sam makes.The book focuses on the spirit of ethical wildcrafting, environmental stewardship, and helping the creation-- from the smallest to the largest creatures on Earth. In Book 1, The Case Of The Tummy Troubles, Sam is on a mission to help his little sister Angela. Her tummy is hurting and Sam has to find herbs for the remedy and get home in time. Will he make it?


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  • Author: Angela Rahim (Author), Ameenah Samuel (Illustrator)
  • Pages: 26
  • Binding: Paperback

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