The Messenger of Allah Makkah Period Workbook Senior Level Part 1

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This workbook seeks to expand participants' self-awareness, spirituality, and religious identity through activities designed to enhance the material presented in the Messenger of Allah: Makkah Period textbook. Our workbooks are an integral part of IQRA's comprehensive program of Islamic education along with their accompanying textbooks. High school students have found the activities and exercises in this work book interesting and challenging. This last in the series of books on the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (s) is developed with a vision of bringing the personality of Rasulullah (s) so close to the school students that they will follow his example. Our hope is that when students are faced with difficult choices, they will search for the answers from the seerah, his Sunnah, and hadeeths of Rasulullah (s) and choose to do what Rasulullah (s) would have done in that situation, inshaAllah.

The life of Rasulullah (s) in Makkah is described in detail with constant reference to the Qur'an. The emphasis is on presenting Rasulullah (s) as the model human being created by Allah. The workbook is an integral part of the curriculum. Teachers find the workbook extremely helpful during teaching in the classroom.


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