What the Bible Says About Muhammad (Ahmed Deedat)

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I posed the question: "What does the Bible say about Muhammed?" Without hesitation he answered, "Nothing!" I asked: "Why nothing? According to your interpretation the Bible have so many things to say about the rise of Soviet Russia and about the Last Days and even about the Pope of the Roman Ca Catholics?" He said, "Yes, but there was nothing about Muhummed!" I asked again, "Why nothing? Surely this man Muhummed who had been responsible for the bringing into being a world-wide community of millions of Believers who, on his authority, believe in: (1) the miraculous birth of Jesus, (2) that Jesus is the Messiah,(note 6) (3) that he gave life to the dead by God's permission, and that he healed those born blind and the lepers by God's permission.


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