Zaydo Potato: A Muslim Superhero

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We are fasters of Ramadan days, We help people in many ways, and we always give Allah praise, We are Super Zaydo Potato, Super Raya Amaraya and Black Pepper: the Muslim Superheroes!
Join Zaydo Potato, Raya Amaraya, and their sidekick Pepper as they embark on adventures to learn more about their Islamic faith. Zaydo Potato is an Islamic book series written by two Muslim-American, fun-loving parents who aspire to educate, empower, and inspire Muslim children through the power of storytelling. Enjoy searching for the potato hidden in every spread and the other fun, educational, engaging activities in the back of the book. These stories make great gifts for Ramadan, Eid Adha, Eid AlFitr, baby showers, and much more. Salams and happy reading! Check out our other Zaydo Potato books like Zaydo Potato: Can Allah See Me Now? and Zaydo Potato: Allah Loves Me.
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  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Author: Randa Taftaf
  • Media Type: Hardcover
  • Pages: 28

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